Team Australia

Team Australia is the pinnacle of the amateur pathway in surfing and represents the only opportunity for surfers to represent their country in a team format. Australian Teams are selected based on the policies located in the right hand column of this page. 

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is responsible for conducting World Championship events in the following categories:

  • Open Surfing
  • Junior Surfing
  • Masters Surfing
  • Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard
  • Longboard
  • Bodyboard
  • Adaptive



ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship Results
ISA World Surfing Games Results
ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship Results
VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship Results
ISA World Bodyboard Championship Results


Upcoming ISA events

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Surfing Australia National Open Surfing Team Selection Policy

The Selection Policy for the National Open Surfing Team has been repealed for the event to be held in 2018.

Under the previous policy, results of the Australian Championships would have determined selection in the open men’s and women’s teams.

A new Selection Policy will be in place for the 2018 team and the results of the Australian Championship in 2017 may or may not be the criteria for selection for the team in 2018. Surfing Australia wishes to make all competitors in the Australian Championships 2017 aware of this change in Selection Policy for the National Open Surfing Team in 2018.

The change has been brought about by issues surrounding qualification and eligibility for the Olympics. Surfing Australia is still awaiting further advice from the AOC and ISA as to qualification and eligibility so that it can determine the Olympic Selection Policy and indeed the National Open Surfing Selection Policy for 2018. Once Surfing Australia has received this advice, it will move as quickly as possible to issue the Selection Policies.

No selection of the Olympic Team or the Australian Open Team will then be made until such time as Selection Policies have been determined and published.